A lifeline for Israeli children many of whom are living beneath the poverty line
Most of Shuvu’s students come from immigrant families. More than a third of Shuvu’s students come from low-income or single-parent families. As well as an excellent education, these children are given hot meals and transport to school and a safe environment.
Shuvu’ s essential services include
  • Extended school days
  • School transportation
  • Hot lunches
  • Emergency and welfare support
  • Summer camps for children
  • Adult education for parents
  • Twice yearly home visits to the homes of all students
  • Shabbatons and festival programmes
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah courses
  • Jewish heritage and history courses
Many of Shuvu’s students come from extremely challenging backgrounds, but this doesn’t stop them achieving incredible milestones in their lives. As graduates of Shuvu’s educational network, our students become independent and active Israeli citizens.
Shuvu Facts and Figures
85% OF
Shuvu students graduate
with a diploma
  • 20 kindergartens
  • 18 elementary schools
  • 22 junior high schools
  • 9 high schools
  • 21 cities throughout Israel
Shuvu Educates
studentsevery day
  • 1/3rd of children in Israel live in poverty, an increase of 60% in the last decade
  • Shuvu educates 6,121 students every day
  • Shuvu provides 4,100 hot lunches every day
  • Shuvu employs 1,017 teachers across Israel
  • 2,500 Shuvu parents are supported each year
Shuvu provides
hot lunchesevery day
  • 35% of Shuvu students come from low-income families
  • 40% from single parent families
  • 110 Shuvu school buses every day
  • Shuvu class size of 25 (national average is 38)