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Swords of iron Campaign
Swords of iron Campaign
15 Jul 2024

Funding Campaign
Due to the
Swords of Iron War

October 2023

British Friends of Shuvu
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Shuvu and the Swords of Iron War


The Swords of Iron War brought with it many extremely difficult challenges in all fields – including education. While schools remain closed, due to the security risks, the children still want to learn & connect to their friends & teachers. Online schooling, initially introduced during Covid, taught us the crucial benefit for the children by creating a form of normality.

The students participate in live classes on their computers through ZOOM and other programs.


Shuvu endeavors to maintain a prominent level of education during these tough times, through the usage of all available IT tools.


However, as many staff members do not have access to the necessary IT equipment, we must fulfil the requirement. Items such as laptops, tablets, webcams, etc. will hopefully allow the school year to progress as normally as possible.


In addition, there are special needs of each individual school, particularly those in areas already attacked, including:


Shuvu Be’er Sheva: tragically, a mother who worked as a security guard at the nature party on Simchas Torah, is missing, sadly, she was taken hostage to Gaza.


Shuvu Ashkelon: there are students wounded from rocket hits to their home, and many students and parents are suffering from trauma. One rocket landed two meters away from the Shuvu Ashkelon School itself, shattering windows and damaging the sports ground.


Shuvu Ashdod: many homes hit by rockets and many students and parents suffering from trauma.


Other cities (with Shuvu schools) hit by rockets causing physical damage and emotional harm to students and parents, include Be’er Yaakov, Rishon Letzion Bat Yam, Rehovot, Lod and Petach Tikva.


Tragically, two Shuvu graduates have been killed in the war, and we are reaching out & supporting these families too.


We also run collective online meetings for the entire network. This past week we ran a beautiful Kabbalas Shabbos program with live music, for all the students & their families. We are planning another meeting this week IY”H, with a psychologist to offer guidance.


Many Shuvu families are now in desperate need of assistance, and we have a responsibility to support and assist the schools & families at this exceedingly tough time.


We have thus launched an immediate campaign to assist the above-mentioned schools.


There is a great demand to assist with their various requirements, including IT equipment, clothing, toys, furniture, staff transportation for home visits, supporting families, treatments, and much more.


It would be a tremendous zechus to support these families in Israel, during wartime, while our teachers are doing their utmost to play their part.


We must stand together – your help is essential.

Thus, we are in urgent need of your generous sponsorship.